Metal HD3D Prints

Our HD3D™ Photos on Metal are a unique addition to our Photos on Metal line. You have the ability to add two Metal Prints to your order; 1 as your background image, and 1 as your focal image, which will stand out 1/2" from the background piece. If you are having trouble selecting a background image, we provide many high quality options such as marble, gold, parchment and more! If you're looking for something even more unique, check out our Specialty Metal Prints page to see what we can do with your favorite picture!

21 Size Options to Choose From

- 1 Background Image, 1 Focal Image

- 1/2" Separation Between the Two








Choose a Predesigned Background or Design Your own

5 Hanging Options


- 5 Corner Options

4 Print Surfaces


 2 Framing Options


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