Metal Prints

Preserve memories onto high-quality Metal Prints of any size or surface. Completely customizable to your wants and needs.

We have an unlimited amount of customization you can do your photos and American Direct Sales can print just about anyting onto aluminum panels. All you need to provide is a high resolution digital scan or photograph to our uploader and receive your beautifully custom created product in a few days.

These professionally designed prints make excellent gifts for special occasions but also look great around the house or office. Choose any size print ranging from 4"x6" to 40"x60" and our patent pending state of the art mounting systems will keep it to the wall. If you need to customize an order for a specific area, customer or would like us to help you come up with a creative arrangement, please contact us and we will be more than willing to help and meet those requirements. The amount of customization is up to you!

72 Single Sizes Ranging From 8"x8" to 40"x60"

5 Hanging Options


- 5 Corner Options

4 Print Surfaces


 2 Framing Options

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