Integration Platforms

American Direct Sales API

The American Direct Sales API is a flexible software option that meets the requirements of most medium to large businesses. 

Custom API

If you’re looking for a more complex software solution, our team can develop a custom API tailored to your specific requirements. 

3rd Party Platforms

Seamlessly connect your store with the most popular E-Commerce platforms.

Integrations Made Simple

At American Direct Sales, we understand the diverse needs of different businesses. That’s why we’ve established ourselves to collaborate with enterprises of every scale – from small startups looking to make their mark, to established corporations seeking to innovate. With a suite of integration solutions, we deliver options that are not only varied, but also customized to your specific requirements. Our commitment is to adapt to your needs, providing the tools and services that align best with your business model, and helping to drive your success.


Our integration solutions allow businesses to automate order fulfillment, track inventory, and manage shipping all in one place. Whatever your needs, our team is ready to create a custom solution geared toward helping you meet your business goals. 

Getting Started is Simple

Get in Touch

We can help you decide on the appropriate integration option for your business. 


We will work together to seemlessly connect your store to our software.

Test & Launch

Test orders are sent through the system. Once verified, you’re ready to go live!


We recognize that establishing a software infrastructure can seem overwhelming. Rest assured, our team is committed to simplifying this journey and providing comprehensive guidance every step of the way.

Our robust API (Application Programming Interface) serves as the bridge that connects your platform to our printing services. It allows you to seamlessly integrate our capabilities into your own system, providing your customers with a smooth and fully personalized ordering experience.

Identifying the optimal software solution depends on the unique requirements of your business. APIs serve as a valuable asset for large and growing enterprises aiming to streamline and automate facets of their order fulfillment process. Contact us for help choosing the correct integration platform.

Setup can take as little as a week depending on the requirements of your business.